The efficiency of a company is not only reflected in its product, but also in the personal growth of employees.

Director Medical Center Maienfeld Group

Since 1994, Dr. Rico Rieder has worked as a medical doctor. During 2001-2002, he and his family spent two years in Nepal, where he worked as a doctor in a mission hospital and set up training programs for anesthesia nurses.

In 2011, Rico decided to change from being a general practitioner in his own practice to starting a clinic that provides good medical services for the area where he lives. This helped him to understand the opportunities of a business, and since then he and his group have built and started other medical clinics.

Rico was involved in politics, but never in a responsible position.

He has been married to Claudia since 1988. They have four sons, one of whom is married.
Claudia and Rico started a Christian school in 2017.

They have worked in different churches (preaching, leading worship, and counseling) and have helped to start new churches. In the last two years, they have led a group of business-people in a large church, helping them understand the obligations of Christians taking responsibility for people, the society and their country.

THE 321

3 people you admire:

•          Brian Houston (Hillsong Church)
•          Frederic de Clerk
•          David Ben Gurion

2 things on your bucket list:

•          Preaching about God’s grace
•          Bringing my country close to the heart of God

1 unique experience that you’ve had:

•          12.12.2012: God told me, there are more, newer things for me to do